Questions about products and water filtration

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Questions about jugs
Which jugs are dishwasher-safe?
What is the difference between the MAVEA Meter and MAVEA MEMO filter exchange indicators?
How do I activate the MAVEA Meter, and how should I read it?
How do I activate the MAVEA Memo, and how should I read it?
What is the lifetime of a MAVEA Meter or a MAVEA MEMO?
How do I know when to stop filling the pitcher system?

Questions about MAVEA filters

How do I prepare my MAVEA water filter cartridge?
How often should I replace my filter?
Where can I recycle my MAVEA filters?
What’s inside a MAVEA filter?
If I were to measure water bottles against one filter, how many bottles would I be saving?
Are MAVEA filters certified?
If I use a MAVEA filter on non-potable water, will it become potable?
Does MAVEA remove fluoride that may be present in tap water?
What substances are reduced by MAVEA Maxtra filters?
What substances are reduced by MAVEA Classic Fit filters?
Do MAVEA filters reduce calcium?
Do MAVEA filters remove iron?
Do MAVEA filters remove lead?
Do MAVEA filters remove microbial cysts, like giardia?
Do MAVEA filters remove pharmaceuticals?
Do MAVEA filters remove arsenic?
Can MAVEA filters be used with softener-treated water?
Do MAVEA filters alkalize or mineralize water?
Do other products use a MAVEA filter?

Common questions

What are the benefits of MAVEA filtered water?
Where are MAVEA products made?
My pitcher is leaking. What can I do?
What if I buy a MAVEA filtration system and don’t like it?
My filter change indicator isn’t working. What can I do?
My spout cover is missing. What can I do?
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