Questions about products and water filtration

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MAVEA Brand Questions

Does MAVEA offer products in North America?

MAVEA Policy Questions

If my product is discontinued, can I still get filters?
Do you still offer the recycling program?
My pitcher has a broken spout/SmartMeter/handle. Can you send me a replacement?
I would like a replacement PURITY C filter?
Since you don’t provide replacement parts anymore, can I have a refund?
I can’t register my product on your website. How do I get the warranty?

MAVEA Product Questions

Where can I get replacement filters?
I have questions about my MicroDisc product(s).
Further Questions?

If your inquiry has not been addressed here, please contact customerservice@mavea.com

MAVEA customer service

For questions about products, water filtration and spare parts:

1 World Trade Center
121 SW Salmon Street
Suite 1100
Portland OR 97204 USA

Tel: 800-451-4179


Opening Hours are 9am-5pm CST.