MAVEA Elemaris XL Black

This superior and stylish German-made pitcher is the next generation in water filtration. It makes getting clean, great-tasting water easy and convenient:

System Features

  • Automatic pour-through lid
  • The advanced MAVEA Meter digitally measures real-time status of filter life against time, volume and water hardness
  • Advanced in-molded feet prevent surface scratches and slippage
  • BPA free

MAVEA Elemaris XL

  • XL size holds 9 cups of filtered water 
  • Available in six vibrant colors: Black, Ruby Red, Eggplant, Tangerine, White

MAVEA Elemaris Kompakt

  • Designed to fit in the fridge door
  • Kompakt size holds 5 cups of filtered water
  • Available in Black or White

Filter Features

  • MAVEA Maxtra filter features micro-screen that reduces release of carbon particles into the system
  • Unique shape ensures consistent flow rate over the life of the filter
  • No pre-soaking required to activate filter
  • Contains silver to provide antimicrobial protection* and extend filter life
  • 100% recyclable via MAVEA’s innovative filter take-back and recycle program
  • BPA free

*This product does not protect individuals from bacteria, viruses and other disease organisms

Article number: 1001125 | UPC Code: 812501010064

XL 9-cup family size
Filtered water capacity: 0.58 gal
Total pitcher capacity: 0.92 gal
Pitcher dimensions: 10.5” L x 6.0” W x 11.7" H

Kompakt 5-cup model, designed to fit in a refrigerator door
Filtered water capacity: 0.37 gal
Total pitcher capacity: 0.63 gal
Pitcher dimensions: 10.5"L x 4.3""W x 10.9"H

MAVEA Maxtra filter cartridges have been tested against NSF/ANSI 42 and 53 for the reduction of:

Chlorine Taste & Odor

Organic impurities (benzene)

Heavy metals (mercury, copper)

Pesticides (atrazine)

Limescale [reduction certified in internal tests]

Pitcher: SAN
Funnel: SAN
Lid and spout cover: ABS
Filling mechanism: polypropylene

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