Expect More From Your Water Filter




Advanced Design and Technology For Great-Tasting Water

A More Advanced Water Filter.

Easier and More Convenient to Use

Exponentially easier refills. Automatic pour-through lid.

Intelligent filter status. Smart Meter filter life indicator.

Fewer black bits. Filter micro-screen.


Available in sizes and colors that meet your needs and lifestyle

Kompakt 5-cup capacity

Kompakt designed to fit in a refrigerator door

XL 9-cup capacity

XL capacity for families and heavy water users


MAVEA® Maxtra Filter

How It Works

Filter Micro-screen

Reduces release of black bits into system

No Pre-soaking

required to activate filter

Unique Shape

delivers consistent performance over the life of the filter

What It Removes

System is tested against NSF/ANSI 42
and 53 for the reduction of:
Chlorine taste and odor
Organic impurities (benzene)
Heavy metals (mercury, copper)
Pesticides (atrazine)
*Reduction certified in internal tests, not certified by WQA.


The Perfect Partner
for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

MAVEA® Maxtra Filters are also used in TASSIMO hot beverage systems to enable the brewing of the perfect cup



WQA is an independent testing facility and leading authority on water treatment products. The WQA Gold Seal is your assurance that this product has been tested and certified to meet industry standards for quality and safety.

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